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What To Look Out For When Buying A Pre-Owned Luxury Watch

Other than the obvious, always look over a pre-owned luxury watch for scratches and dents before buying, there are a few things to look out for when buying pre-owned luxury watches. Spending a good chunk of change on anything pre-owned means you have to be an expert. There are no guarantees with second hand items, if you are lucky you can resell or return them. But buying for keeps is better.

Keep an Open Attitude

Know what you want but keep an open attitude towards the available selection, the market for pre-luxury goods can be limited frame kacamata oakley original. Some days you will stumble upon a quality watch with great value, other days everything is just overpriced. Buying pre-owned needs a sharp instinct for bargains, grab at an opportunity with both hands when you spot a good find. When something looks too good to be true, proceed with trepidation.

Trust Your Vendor

If you collect luxury watches, it is very important to trust your vendor. Sadly, there are vendors that prey on new comers, selling them duds or replicas. When you ask your vendor if the watch is in good working condition and he says yes, you trust him.

Be Extra Careful Buying Online

This is just common sense. Always check the business address of your seller so that you can look them up later should a purchase go wrong. Retailers are registered with the Singaporean government and you can check up on that as well.

Check the Return Policy

It is also prudent to ask before buying if the seller will accept returns and repairs. This way, you can always get your money back if you are unsatisfied. Some vendors will not give you a refund and will offer to exchange the watch with something of equal value instead. If this is acceptable to you, then continue with a purchase.

Disregard the Strap

Some parts of a watch can be replaced and this is especially true with the strap or bracelet. The strap receives the most wear over time and is sometimes in bad condition when a watch is sold pre-owned. If the strap is too tight or too loose, it can be adjusted or replaced.

Watch Out for Fakes

Fake pre-owned luxury watches will break down a lot faster. They really are not worth the purchase price. It takes practice to stop really good fakes, but with experience you should be able to tell the signs.

Quality is Forever

Do not be bothered by the age of a watch. The best thing about luxury watches is that the technology that goes into the watch has changed very little in the last hundred years. The exterior of a watch will change every few years according to fashion trends, but the machine is the same.

A quality watch made decades ago will still be keeping excellent time today. This is the best reason to buy a solid branded watch pre-owned. You are essentially buying the same quality for a fraction of the cost.

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